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Better Care Better Value indicators identify potential areas for improvement in efficiency which may include commissioners re-designing and shifting services away from the traditional setting of the hospital and out towards community based care.

The tool should prompt you to start thinking of "how" and "why" your organisation might differ from others and to support commissioning priorities for health communities. The opportunity is indicative only and local health communities should interpret it taking into account local knowledge.

Indicator Latest Value Financial Opportunity Volume Opportunity Rank Category
Managing First Follow Up 2.01 (First follow up ratio) £250.8M 2,631M 1 Clinical
Reducing Length of Stay 13.81 (Bed day saving %) £249.3M 1,183M 1 Clinical
Emergency Readmission (14 day) 5.43 (Emergency readmissions (%)) £180.3M 87,318 1 Clinical
Pre-Procedure Non-Elective Bed Days 1.69 (Pre-procedure bed day rate) £62.4M 290,816 1 Clinical
Outpatient Appointment DNA 8.03 (DNA %) £62.2M 609,404 1 Clinical
Increasing Day Surgery Rates 79.43 (Daycase Rate (%)) £15.4M 38,958 1 Clinical
Pre-procedure Elective bed days 0.28 (Pre-procedure bed day rate) £14.8M 67,048 1 Clinical
Indicator Latest Value Financial Opportunity Volume Opportunity Rank Category
Outpatient Appointments 8109.63 (Outpatient appointments per 100,000 population) £300.5M 2,045M 1 Clinical
Emergency Admissions 437.79 (Emergency admissions per 100,000 population) £236.9M 130,146 1 Clinical
Managing Surgical Thresholds 82.53 (Operations per 100,000 population) £45.7M 26,975 1 Clinical


The financial opportunity shown for indicators in the Clinical and Workforce categories is calculated for the quarter displayed, this value should be multiplied by 4 to determine the annualised opportunity. The financial opportunity shown for indicators in the Prescribing category is an annualised figure. The information will be updated quarterly.

The ONS CCG population figures have recently been released based on 2013. As a result we have updated the Quarter 1 2014/15 indicators to reflect this and there are minor differences shown in the commissioning indicators. The following organisations

  • East + North Hertfordshire CCG
  • Herts Valley CCG
  • Hertfordshire and the South Midlands Area Team
show larger changes in values as their populations have increased over 20%.

Case Studies

The Better Care, Better Value (BCBV) indicators reveal the potential to make signi´Čücant cash or resource savings whilst improving quality. To find out how other organisations are making use of the information presented please look at our new Case Studies.